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About Dark Horse

G. Thomas Holland III

The Dark Horse Group was founded on the idea that small businesses can use the power of online marketing for amazing results without having to do it all themselves.

As a former political operative, President and Founder Thomas Holland knew that the emergence of social media in the 2000's would have an impact in the day-to-day operation of businesses and organizations at some point.  And while these new tools could have impressive returns for businesses using them correctly and efficiently, the average business owner has little developed in terms of a comprehensive online marketing plan.  It was this void that The Dark Horse Group looked to fill and help serve other business owners by doing so.

Since 2004 The Dark Horse Group has helped many small and medium-sized businesses develop and execute strategic online marketing and advertising campaigns.  Our team has the experience to lead your business through a customized campaign that will produce positive results.  And as we look to a brave new world shaped by the emergence of mobile computing, Dark Horse will lead the way for developing top of the line campaigns for businesses.