Editorial Planning



Proven Formula: Learn how to plan your content and marketing efforts for one year and beyond.

The easiest way to plan your marketing is to learn people will be searching for you first.

Use this video to learn the best way to plan and optimize your marketing and editorial content… Most small businesses face the challenge of managing their own marketing efforts, but too often the day to day distractions keep you from developing a coordinated and complete plan. In this video we show you the best way to plan a 12 month marketing calendar to focus your client communications for a set period of time of yoru choosing.

  • Learn how you can consistently increase sales

    By planning your marketing efforts in advance, you will be able to increase sales from existing customers by running planned specials and offers.

  • How to start finding new customers when they are looking for you

    Did you know Google offers any business owner a free tool that will help you determine when your customers are more likely to be looking for your services?

  • How to get your customers into buying mode

    With a planned marketing calendar you can also sell to you customers more frequently.

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